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Acitretin for Psoriasis Reviews -PART 1

I was prescribed 25mg Acitretin daily in October 2018. At the time I had plaque psoriasis on my feet, calves, elbows and hands. I took the pill daily until the summer of 2019. During that time I experienced dry cracked lips, random itchy dry patches of skin, peeling, significant thinning of hair, but psoriasis was clearing. Not ready to give in to side effects, I started only taking Acitretin Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

That change resulted in only mildly dry lips the day after I take a pill, hair filled back in completely and completely clear skin. I have maintained this regimen for almost a year. I just wanted to share for those that may try this medicine, so they won’t give up too soon.

Acitretin for Psoriasis Reviews

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Acitretin Psoriasis Before and After PICTURES

Acitretin for Psoriasis Reviews -PART 2

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